The Small Steps

Students in 35 High school met the Chair of the Local Council in Sofia

The students from 35 High school met the chair of the Local Council in Sofia Mr. Elen Gerdjikov as part of the applied citizenship education program. The meeting was hold online due to the pandemic lockdown. The teens put on the spot issues of their concern – reconstruction of the sport playground and the areas in the school, skate area in Sofia, cycling infrastructure. The Chair presented to the kids the functions of the Council and how citizens, themselves incl, could take part into the decision making process. He also updated news about the development project of two new skate areas in the city. In reply of their enquiry he committed to check whether the school building fits to the eligibility criteria to be included in the list of the investment project of the municipality. Answer should be delivering back to the students in 2 weeks. The meeting is part of the program for applied citizenship competencies and child participation at the school. The program is based on child participation methodology developed by the Small steps. The initiative is supported by the Active Citizens Fund-Bulgaria under the Citizenship education via child participation project.