The Small Steps

About Us

We live in a challenging world where despite the civil liberties we have, people often disbelieve anything depends on them. It is not rare to see even children who luck the faith they could make a difference. "The Small steps" invest into a transformative change. Our task is to raise the children confidence and skills they could be change-drivers in their own life and in our society.

Child participation and citizenship education are the tools we apply. The programs we developed are aimed at:

  • Building pupils’ trust in their own power and the strengths to stand on their dreams;
  • Raising responsible citizens;
  • Developing skills for participation, implementing their ideas and team work;
  • Training skills for critical thinking, analyzing, branching the interdependencies; identifying prejudices and fake news;
  • To create space for child participation in their closest environment – the school and the local community;
  • To support the local government and the schools into decision-making process with citizens’ participation.


Lyuba Batembergska graduated political studies and has 14 years of experience in advocacy and policies for social inclusion and access to education. Prior to founding “The Small Steps”, she has been part of the Creating Effective Grass-roots Alternatives Foundation team, where she works in Roma communities for access to education. Lyuba has developed training resources in non-formal education and Global learning, delivering both trainings to educators and workshops to pupils.

As a UNICEF consultant on Child Friendly Municipality, she provided technical assistance to municipalities in the implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. She loves to travel and believes in the power of every child and explores the chances for change. As an active citizen, she is part of the initiative “Save Karadere” and has been granted with the Human of the year Award for 2015 in Bulgaria.

Radoslava Kashumova has been a professor of philosophy since 1995. Philosophy is important for the acquisition of civic education and the formation of young people in active citizens, ready to stand for their ideas. She is well versed in the school environment, the eligibility requirements for topics that could be presented to students. Able to provoke interest in seemingly boring topics, to present comprehensible and interesting new information, to communicate with children and students, and to spark discussions.

Tihomira Metodieva - Tihich an accontant for over 20 years. A photogrpaher and a volunteer by calling. Famous with its photos from civic protests and causes for Bulphoto Agency. A volunteer to Sofia Firefighters Brigade, she goes where it''s needed. Lately volunteering at the COVID-19 Emergency at Alexandrovska hospital. Granted a special award in Human of the year 2020 prizes for her work.