The Small Steps

35 High school applies for STEM funding following students' initiative

Opening a chemistry lab at school is one of the initiatives of the 10th grade students to improve the school environment. Exploring chemistry via experiments, mastering in both science and humanities high school is partly what motivates them. To back up their idea they conducted a survey among 380 students to test their opinion and support. They researched what are the terms for opening a lab, the equipment needed and the position of the professors and the principal. Even more, came up with alternative solution how to organise the school premises so to open up a space which is missing for the lab. They made a budget and found sponsors among the parents, and approached the pharmaceutical union. In response to their interest, the management has applied under the STEM program (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) to the Ministry of Education and Science for the construction of a school center, said the principal Anna Kalcheva at the presentation of the students' initiatives to the management on 04.06.2020. How the students managed to get a chemical lab fully equipped just in 4 months, check on our fb page and in the news ;). A hint – it didn’t get funds by the Ministry. The initiative is developed under the Citizenship education via child participation Project, funded under the Small initiatives program of the Active Citizens Fund-Bulgaria.