The Small Steps

Learning programs at school

In addition to the child participation and the citizenship education, “the Small steps” develop integrated learning programs for training skills and learning about the world.

Nowadays trends in education are aimed on skills building for search and judgment of information, critical thinking, problems exploration and analysis, team work, active citizenship and individual responsibility. We pay particular attention on critical thinking, media literacy and sensitivity towards prejudices. The paradigm of Global learning provides knowledge on the challenges the world confronts with.

The trends fit particularly for children with less family supportive environment, who need stronger support in school so to get access to quality education. In addition the resources we apply increase knowledge and awareness on the current process and trends in the world and are attractive for innovative schools as well.


  • Training delivery for teachers and pupils
  • Development of school programs for building competencies of pupils and for increased knowledge on contemporary process
  • Development of citizenship competencies of pupils
  • Long-term engagement for increasing pupils motivation to attend school and in participation at class

“The small steps” provides trainings for teachers for foster their skills in building competencies and interaction in class. We follow trends in education and apply methods that work on pupils’ skills but also raise their motivation for being active in class and to attend school. We develop integrated program for planning classes together with teachers.

We do believe with play and challenges tailored to the kids, the educational achievements of every child could be improved.