Малките стъпки

Pupils from 12 School make a step in advocating for a skate park

A skate site in the center of Sofia is the proposal of the 9th grade students at 12 Tsar Ivan Assen II Secondary School on whar is needed from the perspective of youth to improve the environment in the city according. A downtown space for skating will be accessible and convenient for everyone, including for those who live in the subareas. If the local government sets an area for skateboarding fans, they will not interfere with passing citizens, is another pupils' argument. The space around the Soviet Army Monument is small and insufficient for all skaters.

The 9th grade students working on the idea met on Tuesday with Delyan Stefanov of Sofia Skate City, an initiative that advocates to the Sofia Municipality to build a skate park in the city center. Identifying partners and building suppport coalitions was part of the learning process. The pupils got updated on the progress and feedback on their project.

The next steps are to complete the description of the proposal for the construction of a skate park and to practice the process of proposing and presenting an idea to the local government. They will have the opportunity to take part in the public discussions on the skate areas and to take part into the decision-making process.