The Small Steps

We are launching a program for civic education and participation in the National High School in Finance and Business

At the beginning of the second school term we are starting work with students in 8th and 9th grade of the National High School in Finance and Business (NHSFB). The high school opened doors in 1913 with the support of the Sofia Chamber of Commerce and Industry and with the aim to provide professional qualifications to future entrepreneurs. The program we are launching will enable the students to become entrepreneurs in improving their school environment, and, eventually, the environment of the entire city. To achieve this goal, we will enrich their knowledge of the functions of local authorities and their different decision-making mechanisms. Together we will grow and develop their ideas for improving the school and local environments, and why not the city development? We will support them in realizing their ideas with small steps. The Small Steps Foundation will assist the students in developing and defending projects for the improvement of their environment; we will organize meetings with representative of local authorities to discuss the projects; and we will stand by the students throughout the decision-making process in the municipality and the municipal council. The class teachers and the school management, and, we hope, the Board of Trustees, are expecting the students’ ideas, and will also support their realization. Stay tuned to find out more about the ideas of the NHSFB students and their involvement in transforming the environment around them!