The Small Steps

"The Small steps" with new child participation initiative in the village of Aprilovo

In March 2020 “the Small steps” will launch a new child participation and citizenship education program in the “St. Cyril and Methodius” School in the village of Aprilovo, the municipality of Gorna Malina. The school is educating over 90 Roma children from the nearby villages.

"The Small steps" will work with the pupils from 5 to 7 grades to develop their citizenship skills and to collect their ideas on how to shape the school environment. The team will support the children into the implementation of their ideas. One of the tasks will be to form the future Pupils’ school council and to train the participants.

The team has been invited from the school headmaster to implement citizenship education and child participation. Based on interactive games the pupils will get familiar with the local government and the decision-making process. They will visit the municipality to get to know its departments and how do they relate to the everyday life – providing transportation between the localities; supporting the senior citizens, having responsibility to the education.

The initiative starts with the support of the local government of Gorna Malina. The pupils will present their ideas on the community to the mayor and will discuss it together.

We need your support. Our work in Aprilovo is voluntary.