The Small Steps

Pupils from 12 School meet local official to discuss the skate park in Sofia

Pupils 9 grade from 12 High School in Sofia met the Head of the City Development Department in Sofia to discuss the skating playgrounds to be developed in the city.

Building skating areas was the proposal of pupils as result of the child participation in the decision-making process. The program run between November 2018 and May 2019 in 12 High school with pupils 5th and 9 grades enquiring what are their needs and ideas when it comes to spare time and playgrounds in the city and advocating jointly with them their ideas to the local government in Sofia.

The Head of the City Planning Department presented to the teens the project ideas about two skate parks the local government of Sofia plans to develop in the following years. The pupils gave their feedback and proposals for the ground materials to be used and what elements to be added on the playground. During the workshops they did a research on skate parks in Bulgaria, Europe and the USA. They developed drawing plans and 3 D visualization of their idea of the park.

The meeting with the local government was part of the child advocacy for the children ideas and the support for their participation into the decision-making process.