The Small Steps

"The small steps" start child participation in Sofia

"The small steps" are launching a new initiative: child participation in city development. We believe children as ones who expirience the city and live there do have valuable ideas for the community. Do you have any doubts they are competent in sports and play areas and have something to say about safe and comfortable travel? Or about the environment in the neighborhood they live in. At the same time, getting familiar with the local government, its functions and the decision-making process, and especially the process of participation in it, they are enable to be active citizens.

The initiative in brief - introducing local government to the pupils, creating a safe and inspiring space where everyone will be able to generate and express ideas on topics relevant to him / her. Electing ideas within the class. Campaigning and electing ideas at school level. Submitting the proposals of the children to the municipality and the municipal council. Attendance at municipal committee meetings. Tracking the results.

Which schools participate, what are the ideas of the children, how do the municipal councilors react, how does the municipality react? Expect news and updates for the process.